Chen Jing, Chun Minji, Lee Junghee. 2019. An Analysis of Study Trends on Particle
Errors for Chinese Korean Learners. Language Information 29. 55-79. This paper
analyzes the trends of the studies on particle errors for Chinese Korean learners and
examines the results of the research so far. Based on this, this paper aims to present
the future research task of particle errors analysis. The papers subject to analysis are
90 theses and dissertations of the degree and 43 articles of the academic journal, which
are total 133 articles of the study, and in this paper, the research trends were analyzed
in detail by study timing, study data (size and type), study target (proficiency, learning
environment), study content (by particle, by error type). As a result, among the field
of error research for Chinese learners, research on particles has been ongoing steadily,
and the target data has mostly been centered on written materials. Specifically, error
studies on case markers accounted for the largest portion and most studies were found
to be error types based on the determination of the results. Future studies on particle
errors require studies to observe changes in error patterns according to proficiency
and to identify the cause of particle errors. (KyungHee University, KyungHee
University, KyungHee University)

key words: 한국어 조사(Korean particle), 오류 분석(error analysis), 오류 유형(error
type), 연구 동향(the trends of the studies), 중국인 학습자(Chinese learner)